Letter from John Freedman:

I'm writing now to ask if you have any items whatsoever connected with productions of Chekhov works that you could spare for the biggest and best Chekhov museum in Russia - the Anton Chekhov Museum in Taganrog. I pulled together a bunch of things for them from my personal archive (including all the Chekhov Society newsletters from 2001 to 2007, plus the Modern Drama Chekhov issue you did in 1999), but I would like to help them get more. They are interested in anything - posters, programs and, especially, photos. They'd be interested in anything else, too. Maybe you have a local theater that could help out. Or maybe you could scare up older issues of the Chekhov Society Newsletter. Whatever you could come up with, I'm sure they'd love to have. It's a great museum and they really deserve our support.

28-Nov-2008 11:41:15 AM