Introduction to Chekhov and his plays
The National Theatre's short presentation on one of their admired dramatists.
03-Oct-2012 03:56:23 PM

Thomas Mann on Chekhov
Mann's essay, "The Stature of Anton Chekhov."
03-Oct-2012 03:54:15 PM

Strehler's Cherry Orchard
The last part of the Italian production.
03-Oct-2012 03:51:51 PM

Italian Production of Cherry Orchard
A grainy and blurred film of the first part of Giorgio Strehler's famous production--in Italian-- of Cherry Orchard.
03-Oct-2012 03:50:14 PM

The Admirer
Review by John Freedman of a film dealing with the Chekhov-Avilova relationship, and much more
06-Mar-2012 02:39:39 PM

Chekhov at Breaking String
Breaking String Theater brings old and new Russian plays to Texas
28-Feb-2012 02:56:31 PM

Monte Python and Chekhov
Monte Python’s treatment of Cherry Orchard
15-Jun-2009 01:41:59 PM

A German Production of Cherry Orchard
Der Kirschgarten edited and directed by Flak Richter. Note how much is familiar and how much is strange.
15-Jun-2009 01:41:04 PM

The conclusion of Uncle Vania
The final scenes from Konchalovskii’s film
15-Jun-2009 01:40:09 PM

A Crazy Adaptation of Uncle Vania
More crazy than most
15-Jun-2009 01:39:08 PM

Nina’s monologue from the last act of The Seagull
Нина Заречная - Наталья Трунковская Костя - Михаил Перловский Школа Драмы Германа Сидакова
15-Jun-2009 01:37:20 PM

Arkadina persuades Trigorin to leave with her in Act 3 of The Seagull
Татьяна Доронина (в роли Аркадиной) и Борис Химичев (Тригорин) - сцена из спектакля по пьесе А.П. Чехова "Чайка". Фрагмент телефильма "Бенефис Татьяны Дорониной" (1980 г.), реж. Евгений Гинзбург. Оригинальная постановка: театр им. Вл. Маяковского
15-Jun-2009 01:36:02 PM

Promo for Seagull
A hip video for a student production.
15-Jun-2009 01:34:47 PM

Interview with Mukhina
John Freedman meets Olga Mukhina at a performance of The Seagull
15-Jun-2009 01:32:39 PM

Freedman on Chekhov
John Freedman's blog on recent dramatization Of “Dama s sobachkoi”
15-Jun-2009 01:13:57 PM

Trailer for Uncle Vania
An amateurish preview of a coming attraction that should produce, if not horror, then a few giggles
28-Nov-2008 12:02:25 PM

Taganrog's official web site
28-Nov-2008 11:59:30 AM

YouTube film
A short, atmospheric essay about Chekhov's life using quotations from the writer and from his characters. Narration in Russian with English subtitles.
28-Nov-2008 11:58:11 AM

Chekhov Museum in Yalta
The site describes the problems facing the museum and the campaign to raise awareness and donations.
28-Nov-2008 11:55:23 AM

Chekhov's Legacy
Quotes from famous people of their reactions to Chekhov's work.
07-Sep-2008 04:30:07 PM